Centre of Innovation

The Centre of Innovation is a unique project that offers training at the best aspects, standards and variety. The core target of the centre is to be a training hub for the national, regional and international vocational competitions. The centre will offer vocational training for the public upon demand and during public holidays in a form of holiday camps through the year to market for the vocational and technical education to be the people’s first choice in UAE. In addition to vocational and technical training, the centre is offering a variety of short-term training courses and assessments for government and private companies to meet with the entities needs and requirements.

The centre offers services to all the age groups and different levels in the UAE. It will vary from high-school students who want to learn vocational skill during their holiday, young men who want to learn new skill that will help in their daily day routine, competitors who wish to challenge in the competitions, employees who want professional development that will enhance their career and school leavers with great experience who want to have their skills to be recognized in formal standard.

The Centre will be structured around four core values:

Quality: In the provision of training and vocational/technical education offered to clients.
Integrity: In all dealings with stakeholders in the provision of quality vocational education and training.
Public Service: Serving the training needs of the nation with due attention to fiscal prudence.
Receptiveness: To feedback aimed at improving the training provision in the nation.

For inquiries, bookings and proposals, send Email to: centreofinnovation@actvet.ac.ae