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Welcome to the ACTVET iCampus. 

Please read these Terms of Use ("TOU") and the ACTVET iCampus Privacy Policy and Honor Code prior to registering for icampus.ac.ae or using any portion of the ACTVET iCampus website (the "Site," which consists of all content and pages located within the icampus.ac.ae web domain), including accessing any course material, chat rooms, or other electronic services. These TOU, the Privacy Policy and the Honor Code are agreements (the "Agreements") between you and the ACTVET iCampus. By using the Site, you accept and agree to be legally bound by the Agreements, whether or not you are a registered user. If you do not understand or do not wish to be bound by the terms of the Agreements, you should not use the Site.

ACTVET iCampus reserves the right to modify these TOU at any time without advance notice. Any changes to these TOU will be effective immediately upon posting on this page, with an updated effective date. By accessing the Site after any changes have been made, you signify your agreement on a prospective basis to the modified TOU and all of the changes. Be sure to return to this page periodically to ensure familiarity with the most current version of these TOU.

Description of the ACTVET iCampus

The ACTVET iCampus offers online courses that include opportunities for trainer-to-learner and learner-to-learner interactivity, individual assessment of a learner's work and, for learners who demonstrate their mastery of subjects, a certificate of achievement or other acknowledgment.

Rules of Online Conduct

You agree that you are responsible for your own use of the Site and for your User Postings. "User Postings" include all content submitted, posted, published or distributed on the Site by you or other users of the Site, including but not limited to all forum posts, wiki edits, notes, questions, comments, videos and file uploads. You agree that you will use the Site in compliance with these TOU, the Honor Code and all applicable local, national and international laws, rules and regulations, including copyright laws, any laws regarding the transmission of technical data exported from your country of residence, and all United Arab Emirates export control laws.

As a condition of your use of the ACTVET iCampus services, you will not use the Site in any manner intended to damage, disable, overburden or impair any ACTVET iCampus server or the network(s) connected to any ACTVET iCampus server or to interfere with any other party's use and enjoyment of the Site. You may not attempt to gain unauthorized access to the Site, other accounts, computer systems or networks connected to any ACTVET iCampus server through hacking, password mining or any other means. You may not obtain or attempt to obtain any materials or information stored on the Site, its servers or associated computers through any means not intentionally made available through the Site.

The Following List of Items is Strictly Prohibited on the Site:
  • Content that defames, harasses or threatens others;
  • Content that discusses illegal activities with the intent to commit them;
  • Content that infringes another's intellectual property, including, but not limited to, copyrights or trademarks;
  • Profane, pornographic, obscene, indecent or unlawful content;
  • Advertising or any form of commercial solicitation;
  • Content related to partisan political activities;
  • Viruses, trojan horses, worms, time bombs, corrupted files, malware, spyware or any other similar software that may damage the operation of another's computer or property; and
  • Content that contains intentionally inaccurate information or that is posted with the intent of misleading others.
Furthermore, you agree not to scrape, or otherwise download in bulk, any Site content, including but not limited to a list or directory of users on the system, on-line textbooks, User Postings or user information. You agree not to misrepresent or attempt to misrepresent your identity while using the Site (although you are welcome and encouraged to use an anonymous username in the forums and to act in a manner that keeps your identity concealed).

User Account and Authority

In order to participate fully in Site activities, you must provide your name, an email address and a user password in order to create a user account ("User Account"). You agree that you will never divulge or share access or access information for your User Account with any third party for any reason. In setting up your User Account, you may be prompted to enter additional optional information (e.g., your address). You represent that all information provided by you is accurate and current. You agree to maintain and update your information to keep it accurate and current. 

We care about the confidentiality and security of your personal information. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information about what information about you ACTVET iCampus collects and how ACTVET iCampus uses that information.

Your Right to Use Content of the Site

Unless indicated as being in the public domain, the content on the Site is protected by United Arab Emirates and foreign copyright laws. Unless otherwise expressly stated on the Site, the texts, exams, video, images and other instructional materials provided with the courses offered on this Site are for your personal use in connection with those courses only. We aim to make much of the ACTVET iCampus course content available under more open license terms that will help create a vibrant ecosystem of contributors and further ACTVET iCampuse's goal of making education accessible and affordable to the world.

Certain reference documents, digital textbooks, articles and other information on the Site are used with the permission of third parties, and use of that information is subject to certain rules and conditions, which will be posted along with the information. By using this Site you agree to abide by all such rules and conditions.

You agree to retain all copyright and other notices on any content you obtain from the Site. All rights in the Site and its content, if not expressly granted, are reserved.

User Postings

User Postings Representations and Warranties. By submitting or distributing your User Postings, you affirm, represent and warrant (1) that you have the necessary rights, licenses, consents and/or permissions to reproduce and publish the User Postings and to authorize ACTVET iCampus and its users to reproduce, modify, publish and otherwise use and distribute your User Postings in a manner consistent with the licenses granted by you below, and (2) that neither your submission of your User Postings nor the exercise of the licenses granted below will infringe or violate the rights of any third party. You, and not ACTVET iCampus, are solely responsible for your User Postings and the consequences of posting or publishing them.

License Grant to ACTVET iCampus. By submitting or distributing your User Postings, you hereby grant to ACTVET iCampus a worldwide, non-exclusive, transferable, assignable, sub licensable, fully paid-up, royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable right and license to host, transfer, display, perform, reproduce, modify, distribute, re-distribute, relicense and otherwise use, make available and exploit your User Postings, in whole or in part, in any form and in any media formats and through any media channels (now known or hereafter developed).

License Grant to ACTVET iCampus Users. By submitting or distributing your User Postings, you hereby grant to each user of the Site a non-exclusive license to access and use your User Postings in connection with their use of the Site for their own personal purposes.

Certificates, Etc.

Generally. ACTVET iCampus and the colleges, universities and other institutions providing courses on the Site (collectively, the "Members") may offer a certificate of achievement or other acknowledgment (a "Certificate") for learners who, in their judgment, have satisfactorily demonstrated mastery of the course material. Certificates will be issued by the ACTVET iCampus under the name of the underlying Member from where the course originated. The decision whether a Certificate will be awarded to a given student will be solely within the discretion of the awarding Member. ACTVET iCampus and/or the Members providing courses on the Site may choose not to offer a Certificate for some courses.

Registration and Payment. Subject to the foregoing, you may be required to pay a fee to receive an ID Verified Certificate of Achievement (a “Verified Certificate”) with respect to certain courses on the Site, in which case, the following processes and requirements shall apply:

  • As part of your registration, you will be prompted to submit a photo of yourself, along with one other form of photo identification (“photo ID”). Although these items are collected by ACTVET iCampus in accordance with these TOU and the ACTVET iCampus Privacy Policy, you should be aware that the actual authentication of your identify is performed by an ACTVET iCampus third party service provider. Please refer to the Privacy Policy for additional details on how we handle those items once received by us.
  • In addition, the processing of your payment information is done by an ACTVET iCampus third party vendor, and you will be re-routed to a secure website to complete the payment transaction. The privacy statement posted at the payment landing page operated by such third party vendor will govern the submission and processing of your payment details. Please familiarize yourself with those terms prior to initiating a transaction.
  • Once your payment transaction is completed, you will be re-routed back to an ACTVET iCampus confirmation page and will receive a confirmation email with your name, order number and the payment amount. Please retain this email for your records as this information will be required if you seek a refund from ACTVET iCampus, as described below.
No Other Enrollment. When you take a course through ACTVET iCampus, you will not be an applicant for admission to, or enrolled in, any degree program of the Member as a result of registering for or completing a course provided by such Member through ACTVET iCampus. You will not be entitled to use any of the resources of the Member beyond the online courses provided on the Site, nor will you be eligible to receive student privileges or benefits provided to students enrolled in degree programs of the Member.


You agree to defend, hold harmless and indemnify ACTVET iCampus and the ACTVET iCampus Participants, and their respective subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, faculty, students, fellows, governing board members, agents and employees from and against any third-party claims, actions or demands arising out of, resulting from or in any way related to your use of the Site, including any liability or expense arising from any and all claims, losses, damages (actual and consequential), suits, judgments, litigation costs and attorneys' fees, of every kind and nature. In such a case, ACTVET iCampus or one of the ACTVET iCampus Participants will provide you with written notice of such claim, suit or action.


Termination Rights; Discontinuation of Courses and Content. You agree that ACTVET iCampus, in its sole discretion, may terminate your use of the Site or your participation in it, for any reason or no reason, upon notice to you. It is ACTVET iCampus's policy to terminate in appropriate circumstances the accounts of users of the Site who are repeat copyright infringers. ACTVET iCampus and the ACTVET iCampus Participants reserve the right at any time in their sole discretion to cancel, delay, reschedule or alter the format of any course offered through ACTVET iCampus, or to cease providing any part or all of the Site content or related services, and you agree that neither ACTVET iCampus nor any of the ACTVET iCampus Participants will have any liability to you for such an action. If you no longer desire to participate in the Site, you may terminate your participation at any time. The rights granted to you hereunder will terminate upon any termination of your right to use the Site, but the other provisions of these TOU will survive any such termination.

Entire Agreement. These TOU, the Honor Code, and the Privacy Policy together constitute the entire agreement between you and ACTVET iCampus with respect to your use of the Site, superseding any prior agreements between you and ACTVET iCampus regarding your use of the Site.

Waiver and Severability of TOU. The failure of ACTVET iCampus to exercise or enforce any right or provision of these TOU shall not constitute a waiver of such right or provision. If any provision of these TOU is found by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, the parties nevertheless agree that the court should endeavor to give effect to the parties' intentions as reflected in the provision and the other provisions of these TOU shall remain in full force and effect.

Choice of Law/Forum Selection. You agree that these TOU and any claim or dispute arising out of or relating to these TOU or any content or service obtained from or through the Site will be governed by the laws of the United Arab Emirates, excluding its conflicts of law provisions. You agree that all such claims and disputes will be heard and resolved exclusively in the federal or local courts located in and serving the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. You consent to the personal jurisdiction of those courts over you for this purpose, and you waive and agree not to assert any objection to such proceedings in those courts (including any defense or objection of lack of proper jurisdiction or venue or inconvenience of forum).

Effective Date: May 01, 2017.

ACTVET iCampus Honor Code Pledge

Collaboration Policy

By enrolling in a course on ACTVET iCampus, you are joining a special community of learners. The aspiration of the ACTVET iCampus is to provide anyone with an internet connection access to courses and to provide our learners the best educational experience internet technology enables. You are a part of the community that will help ACTVET iCampus achieve this goal. ACTVET iCampus depends upon your motivation to learn the material and to do so with honesty and academic integrity. In order to participate in ACTVET iCampus, you must agree to the Honor Code below and any additional terms specific to a class. This Honor Code, and any additional terms, will be posted on each class website.

ACTVET iCampus depends upon your motivation to learn the material and to do so with honesty. In order to participate in ACTVET iCampus, you must agree to the Honor Code below and any additional terms specific to a class. This Honor Code, and any additional terms, will be posted on each class website.

ACTVET iCampus Honor Code Pledge

By enrolling in an ACTVET iCampus course, I agree that I will:
  • Complete all tests and assignments on my own, unless collaboration on an assignment is explicitly permitted.
  • Maintain only one user account and not let anyone else use my username and/or password.
  • Not engage in any activity that would dishonestly improve my results, or improve or hurt the results of others.
  • Not post answers to problems that are being used to assess student performance.

If you are found in violation of the Terms of Use or Honor Code, you may be subject to one or more of the following actions:

  • Receiving a zero or no credit for an assignment;
  • Having any certificate earned in the course withheld or revoked;
  • Being unenrolled from a course; or
  • Termination of your use of the Site.
  • Additional actions may be taken at the sole discretion of  ACTVET iCampus and ACTVET iCampus Member course providers. 
No refunds will be issued in the case of any corrective action for such violations.

Honor code violations will be determined at the sole discretion of ACTVET iCampus Members. You will be notified if a determination has been made that you have violated this honor code and you will be informed of the corresponding action to be taken as a result of the violation.

Effective Date: May 01, 2017